Answering reader mail – part 4

Dear thesethingsIamthinkingabout, My car broke down on the side of the highway.  Should I call a tow truck or try to push the car home myself?  Or.. could you pick me up? -Bethany, 49, Miami, FL, USA Hey Bethany, thanks for the question.  I’m not going to pick you up.  You should try to push … Continue reading Answering reader mail – part 4

Answering reader mail – part 3

Dear thesethingsIamthinkingabout, My wife (of 5 years) and I disagree on religion.  I’m a Lutheran minister and I just found out that she’s a staunch atheist.  I really enjoy our life together, our children, and our nonprofit that we both co-run, but now we fight all the time over this “religion” issue.  What should I … Continue reading Answering reader mail – part 3

Answering reader mail – part 2

Dear thesethingsIamthinkingabout, Freshman year, my football coach told me that I should lift weights to get better at football.  I took the advice to heart, put football on hold, and dedicated sophomore and junior year completely  to weight lifting.  Now it’s senior year, I’m really huge and muscular, and I want to play football, but … Continue reading Answering reader mail – part 2

Answering reader mail – part 1

Dear thesethingsIamthinkingabout, I want to lose weight, go back to school, learn a new language, and change my life. But I just CAN’T figure out how to get started.  What do you suggest? -Lou, 32, Tampa, FL, USA Hey Lou, thanks for the question.  I get this question all the time.  I would start by … Continue reading Answering reader mail – part 1

Phone notes

Categories of notes in my phone: Category 1 –Search terms to google later like “personal investing.”  I always want to knock these out quickly, BUT they’re usually so general that, to do them justice, it would take a lifetime.  For example, I will never have sufficiently looked up “personal investing”.  Even if I read 30 … Continue reading Phone notes

Retire early and often

I’ve never quit anything in my life... but I have retired from many things (piano lessons, school sports etc).  Obviously, quitting implies that I was incompetent or at least frustrated.  But retiring is a graceful pivot, and it’s a way of saying to your community two things: 1.) “I’m going out on top” 2.) “Don’t … Continue reading Retire early and often