The Case of the Mysterious Slow Jogger

A few months ago, I saw an incident that bothered me.  There was a couple together in a park, side by side.   The man was walking.  The woman was jogging, but she was jogging at the same pace that the man was walking – so basically, she was really slowly jogging.  The obvious question was: why don’t the two of you just do the same thing – walk or jog?

First I thought: Could it be that her jogging speed is literally the same as this guy’s walking speed?  That theory seemed possible, until at one point, she stopped this slow jogging, and for a moment, she started walking at the same pace with which she had been jogging.  This proved that she was completely capable or either walking or jogging at approximately 2 mph, and was actively choosing to jog at 2 mph.

I respect the man for just walking alongside someone who is jogging that slowly.  I could easily imagine the man being like “ok, I guess I’ll jog slowly too so that you don’t look weird slowly jogging”.  But not this guy.  He just kept walking..  as if to say “I will not help you blend in, I’m going to walk next to you this whole time and show the contrast between my normal walking and your possibly fraudulent jogging.”

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