Home Improvement

I put up blinds in my room this weekend.  But I put the clips too far apart, so now the blinds are barely hanging on – I know THAT they will fall, just not WHEN they will fall.  It sounds like I’m about to use “blinds” as a metaphor for life here, but I’m not – I just wanted to share my experience putting up blinds.

Anyway, I bought a drill to put up these blinds.  This drill needed a cord to be plugged in and my outlets were far away, so I connected several extension cords to the outlet and the drill.  The first connecting piece lead perfectly to the next, then the next, creating a rich tapestry of connections.. Again, it sounds like I’m about to use “extension cords” as some kind of metaphor for life, but honestly I’m not – I just want to share my experience (and maybe convince you to buy a cordless drill instead.)

Part of the blinds broke off, so I superglued it back on.  Superglue allows you to weave various pieces together into a coherent structure, fighting pointlessly against the pressures of time.  Sure, it’s not perfect, but I wouldn’t trade this superglue of mine for anything in the world.  Superglue happens while you’re making other plans..

Look, I’m not going to launch into a long tirade about how “superglue” is a metaphor for life.  Truly, I just want this post to catalogue what a stellar home improvement weekend I had!

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