Why there won’t be a blog post today

I’ve decided not to post today.  Make no mistake, I had a brilliant and hard hitting post ready to go.  I wrote and re-wrote, spell checked, got feedback from 30 close confidantes/fellow writers, I work shopped it, I visited Aldous Huxley’s grave (all part of my normal blog posting routine), and I was literally JUST about to hit “publish”.

But I’m not going to.  Look, I can hear the comments now – a lot of you are going to accuse me of not having written anything.  Some of you think (wrongly) that I just don’t feel like it today.. which is crazy because it’s only day 3 and you probably think (wrongly) that my initial excitement around a daily blog has worn off and now I regret paying for the domain name. You probably think (wrongly) that it’s starting to dawn on me that “thesethingsiamthinkingabout” sounds robotic when you say it and isn’t catchy at all.  Let me set the record straight – I think the domain name is FINE.  The problem is – what I was going to post is too cool/ too good, and I don’t think the world is ready for it yet.

As they say in Hollywood, and they use these exact words – 1 blog post for them (the big studios), 1 blog post for me (the artist).  Sorry, guys – this one’s for me.

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