Hagrid’s reaction

My favorite moment in the Harry Potter series is in Book 1, when Hagrid rescues Harry from the Dursleys, and it’s revealed that the Dursleys have been telling Harry the lie that his parents, Lilly and James, were killed in a car accident.  Hagrid is stunned.

Hagrid: A car accident? Kill Lily and James Potter?!

I like to imagine Hagrid’s reaction if he assumed that the Dursleys were accusing Lilly and James of being responsible for the car accident:

Hagrid: A car accident? Kill Lily and James Potter?!  They never even drove at night!  And they were such careful drivers!  It’s outrageous!  They took car maintenance very seriously – always changed their tires, breaks, and wiper fluid at the appropriate times!  Lilly and James?  Their car was brand new!  A car accident?!  Even if they’d had 1 alcoholic drink 12 hours earlier, they always called a cab to pick them up.  They drove a Honda Odyssey – the safest ranked car of the year!  A car accident?  James taught a defensive driving course on the weekends!!  Lilly wouldn’t even play the radio – she said she needed to focus on the road!  A car accident?  James would actually prevent accidents  – if he saw a reckless driver in front of him, he would flag them down and perform a citizen’s arrest!  Lily and James Potter?!  A car accident?  A car accident?!

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