Phone notes

Categories of notes in my phone:

Category 1 –Search terms to google later like “personal investing.”  I always want to knock these out quickly, BUT they’re usually so general that, to do them justice, it would take a lifetime.  For example, I will never have sufficiently looked up “personal investing”.  Even if I read 30 books on the personal investing, made lots of investments, and taught a course on personal investing at a junior college –  in my heart, I would still know there must be more to it than that.  I would toss and turn all night, knowing that I knew nothing about personal investing in Ancient Greece, alternative economic models, or coin collecting, and therefore my knowledge of personal investing was embarrassingly incomplete.  So yea, it’s hard to get rid of these notes in my phone.

Category 2 – Simple motivational phrases. For example,  “Contribute MASSIVE value.”  There is an intense and ongoing audition process that these notes go through in order to stay in my phone, because I get bored of them quickly.  I’ll keep 5 – 10 of these, and then once a week, purge some/ find some new ones.  I’m a tough judge, so I congratulate these phrases for even TRYING to compete for my favor.

Hopefully this post will cut down on the hundreds of daily requests for me to talk about the categories of notes in my phone.

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