Hello, neighbor

My neighbor often sits outside the building, so I often pass him as I’m coming and going from my apartment.  We don’t have a clear “when to say hello” policy, and it bothers me.  I’d like to sit down with him and propose the following:

  • If I’m carrying a heavy thing, no hello.
  • If he’s eating, smoking, or drinking, no hello.
  • If he’s sitting with a neighbor I don’t know, no hello (I don’t want to be introduced.)
  • If I look exhausted/sweaty, no hello
  • If either of us has headphones on, no hello
  • If we’ve said hello within the past 2 hours already, no hello (unless as a joke)

Otherwise: say hello.

I think we’re both on the same page that we’re just looking for a saying hello buddy (but NOT an acquaintance-ship or friendship), so we really need to limit these hellos and not burn out. The alternative would be to develop an acquaintance-ship (by asking questions like “How are things going?”,   “What are you up to today?”, “Did you see the cricket match last night?” every 4th time I pass by).  But that would be a huge time commitment that I cannot make right now, given my current schedule.

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