A nice cup of tea

There’s no better feeling than using up the last tea bag in a box of 100 tea bags.  I feel a slight caffeine buzz, but stronger is the feeling of knowing just how right I was to buy so much tea.  “They called me crazy”, I think to myself, “for buying a box of 100 tea bags” (note: no one actually said this).  Nonetheless, this feeling triggers an elaborate vindication fantasy:

A crowd forms around me as I leave the grocery store carrying my box of 100 tea bags:

“Impossible!  Ha!  You can’t finish that much tea!”  The crowd points and shouts and throws wet garbage at me.

Then, there’s a long montage where I’m just switching between drinking all 100 cups of tea and doing pull ups (the notion that I could do pull ups actually belongs in a separate fantasy).

I proudly return to the store 3 months later.  Now an even larger crowd has gathered.

I am handed a microphone.  Long story short, I announce that I did in fact finish all of the 100 tea bags, and since the crowd was so wrong in their judgment that I couldn’t finish them all, I’m now establishing a “Hunger Games-esque” punishment for the crowd in order to settle the score.  I would go on, but it gets really dark from here.

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