Answering reader mail – part 2

Dear thesethingsIamthinkingabout,
Freshman year, my football coach told me that I should lift weights to get better at football.  I took the advice to heart, put football on hold, and dedicated sophomore and junior year completely  to weight lifting.  Now it’s senior year, I’m really huge and muscular, and I want to play football, but I haven’t touched a football in 2 years, because I’ve been so busy weightlifting.  Football tryouts are tmo – what should I do to prepare?!

-Brett, 17, Tallahassee, FL, USA

Hey Brett, thanks for the question.  You sent this question late on Tues, and I’m answering it late Wednesday, so by now the try out is over, so any answer I would give would be irrelevant now.

In the future, you gotta give me some more time to answer these.  2 – 3 days at least.  The reader mail system is not a quick turn service.  And if it’s not possible to give me that much time, then at least mark your email as “High Importance”, so that it gets my attention.

I actually would have had a lot to say on this topic, and it would have been a great post.. however, given that your tryout has already happened, there’s just no point in me sharing my insights, so I’m not going to waste everyone’s time.  Best of luck.

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