Answering reader mail – part 3

Dear thesethingsIamthinkingabout,
My wife (of 5 years) and I disagree on religion.  I’m a Lutheran minister and I just found out that she’s a staunch atheist.  I really enjoy our life together, our children, and our nonprofit that we both co-run, but now we fight all the time over this “religion” issue.  What should I do?

-Gerard, 40, Jacksonville, FL, USA

Hey Gerard, thanks for the question.  I think it’s incredible that you just found this out.  This should have been discussed on day 1 of meeting her.  Below is a list of ALL the day 1 discussions that you should have had:

  • Her stance on religion
  • Her stance on economics/politics generally
  • Her stance on local fishing rights
  • Her stance on global fishing rights
  • Her stance on regional fishing rights
  • How cool fishing is
  • Would she want to go fishing next weekend?
  • Netflix and fish?
  • Her stance on plagiarism/honesty in general
  • In her opinion, the least overrated Beatle
  • In her opinion, the tallest Beatle (there is actually room for debate here)
  • How long does she typically subscribe to a conspiracy theory before abandoning it and pretending she never really believed it?
  • Any allergies?

To answer your specific question, Gerard, there is nothing that can be done to fix this.  I cannot help you.

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