Answering reader mail – part 5

Dear thesethingsIamthinkingabout,
I would never be able to prove it.. but I think my dog sitter, Denise, rents my trombone out to strangers while I’m at work.  Should I go to the police or take matters into my own hands?
-Lucas, 43, Eatonville, FL, USA

Hey Lucas, thanks for the question.  You should take matters into your own hands and do one of the following:

  1. Ask her if she’s doing just that. If she says yes, fire her.  If she says no, say “are you sure?”  Then if she says “no, I’m not sure”, fire her.  But if she says “yes, I’m sure”, then..  I don’t know, man – maybe she’s not renting your trombone out.  Of course, I realize, from your detailed message, it definitely seems like all evidence points to her renting it out, but damn it, I’ve been wrong before on stuff like this.  Over the years I’ve lost a ton of good dog sitters.. and even MORE friends.. and even MORE friends of dog sitters.. over false accusations related to improper rentals.  It’s a real minefield and you’ve got to be careful and be sure to have hard evidence before you confront them.
  2. Lock your trombone in a safe and don’t tell her. Then see if the dog sitter looks concerned/starts asking where it is.  That’ll probably work.

Hope this helps!

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