Answering reader mail – part 6

Dear thesethingsIamthinkingabout,
I’m a working magician in the Orlando area, and I was wondering if you’d be interested in allowing me to guest post monthly on your site.  We could call it “The Magician’s corner”, and I could talk about magic, illusion, cards, etc.  I could also use that space to promote my monthly magic show “The Incredible Conrad”, every 3rd Friday at Ralph’s Bar, Orlando, FL.  In exchange, I could offer you up to 10% off the cover charge at your next “The Incredible Conrad” monthly magic show, which is every 3rd Friday at Ralph’s Bar.  I could also look into the feasibility of procuring for you a FREE light beer.  What do you think?
-Conrad, 22, Orlando, FL, USA

Hey Conrad, thanks for the question.  No, I’m not interested in collaborating with a magician on my blog.  This blog is weird enough as it is.  And I’m rarely ever in Orlando.

Side note – could the readers please stop addressing me as “thesethingsIamthinkingabout” in your questions?  Just because the website is called that… that doesn’t mean you should address me, the author, as that.  Was it “Dear Chicago Tribune” or was it “Dear Abby”?  My name is Chris.

Hope that helps,

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