Finishing things

In the wake of my recent post describing the satisfaction of finishing large quantities of tea, I started thinking about some other things that I KNOW are satisfying to finish or that I can IMAGINE must be satisfying to finish:

  1. a deodorant stick
  2. cooking a great meal
  3. the last red bull in a 6 pack
  4. the last red bull in a 24 pack
  5. a big project
  6. a series of small projects
  7. No-shave November
  8. High school
  9. College
  10. paying off a student loan
  11. paying off a mortgage
  12. paying off a student mortgage (the mortgage you take out if you actually bought your dorm room – very rare)
  13. paying off a politician (bribe)
  14. paying off a politician’s mortgage (also technically a bribe)
  15. paying off a car loan
  16. writing the last scene of your first screenplay
  17. paying off a van loan
  18. the last line of a passionate speech, unveiling a new technology product to the world
  19. paying off a tractor loan
  20. The last step in your hike up Mount Everest
  21. paying off a motorcycle loan
  22. The last piece of a ship in a bottle that you’ve been working on for months
  23. paying off a boat loan
  24. Your first half marathon

Hope that helps, thanks

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