Answering reader mail – part 7

Dear Chris,
It’s supposed to rain a lot all day tomorrow.  Should I pack an umbrella, a rain jacket, or nothing at all?  Which option will make me look the most tough?
-Carl, 22, Daytona Beach, FL, USA

Hey Carl, thanks for the question.  I can see how using an umbrella or a rain jacket makes you look… less than tough.  Fearlessly embracing the rain with no covering at all is a bad-ass move, but take note:  you may also look crazy.  Both bad-asses and crazy people go without umbrellas when it’s down pouring.

Also, there are other great qualities to convey besides toughness.  While umbrellas/ rain jackets, admittedly, are puny, disreputable options for tough, primal men like you and me.. they do make you look responsible – it takes a certain amount of planning and thoughtfulness to bring an umbrella or rain jacket with you.  Plus it shows you have access to some device or access to some other human who has access to the weather forecast!

Look, I remember being 22 and running around the city in the pouring rain without an umbrella or jacket.  But looking back, I definitely looked crazy.  (I also technically might have been crazy, given the vast quantities of red bull I was consuming at the time.)  Bring the umbrella.  Hope that helps.

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