Tough decisions

The fog was thick tonight, but Craig needed to drive (he needed to think.)  He would need to make a big decision in the next hour.  After an hour on the highway, he pulled over and scribbled into his notepad furiously.  At the top of the page was the title – Pros/Cons.  Finally, he ripped out the new pages and threw them out his window.  He sighed.

Suddenly, an angel appeared on his shoulder.

“You should go with your gut”, said the angel.

Suddenly, another angel appeared on the opposite shoulder.

“No, he’s a devil!  I’m a real angel.  You should take your friend Ralph’s advice, rather than go with your gut”

“That’s nonsense.  I’m the real angel and he’s a real devil!”, said the other.

The two angels quarreled for 30 minutes.  It turns out they were both legitimate angels.  The second angel was mistakenly dispatched to this young man, and the two angels simply disagreed on the best decision.  A third angel appeared.  He also weighed in on this decision, but his advice was so bad, the 1st two angels together agreed that this third angel was incompetent.  The 1st two angels placed a formal complaint on the 3rd angel in heaven.

Ultimately, Craig decided to.. to.. to.. [TO BE CONTINUED]

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