The subway conductor

NYC subway conductor: Stand clear of the closing doors.  Do not hold the doors open and delay the train.  Thank you.

There’s a man holding a train door open.  He’s struggling with several bags.  The conductor sticks his head out his window and looks at the man.

NYC subway conductor: Sir, stand clear of the.. wait, Brian?  Is that you?



The subway conductor and Brian are on the playground swings, age 7.

Brian: So we’re best friends, right?

(future) NYC subway conductor:  That’s right.  And best friends never leave the other one behind.  No matter what!

The two give a crisp high five, and swing even higher.


The subway conductor, now age 27 and a trainee,  stands at attention alongside other subway conductor trainees.  Their drill sergeant walks behind them.

Drill sergeant:  What is the 1st rule of being a subway conductor?

Subway conductor trainees: The doors need to be closed, so as not to cause delays, sir.


Subway conductor: It’s been a long time, Brian.. you look well.

Brian:  Thanks, you too!  How is..

Subway conductor: (interrupting) Brian, I’m so sorry.  I took an oath.

The subway conductor exits his train car and walks over to Brian.  The subway conductor picks up Brian’s bags and throws them away from the train.  Tears stream down the subway conductor’s face as he pushes Brian away from the train car, letting the doors finally close.  The subway conductor re-enters his car, and the train begins to move.  The two make prolonged, intense eye contact unless the train leaves the station.

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