A Cautionary Tale

On Saturday night, October 14, 2017, a man named Ace read the tale of Rip Van Winkle to his young son, Richard.  Afterwards, he slipped and fell in the shower, and sustained a serious head injury.  When he awoke, he felt as though he’d been sleeping a long time.

He looked around the house for his son.  He entered the living room and found a grown man who shared a resemblance to his son.

“What – what happened to you, Richard?  You’re a grown man now!”

“Dad, Richard is in his room sleeping.  I’m your other son Thomas.  Yes, I’m a grown man.  Are you okay?”

Ace stumbled, confused, and didn’t understand this response.  He bled from his right temple.  He continued to stumble to the door.

“I’m going to check the mail,” said Ace.

“There’s no mail – ,” said Thomas.  Thomas was about to say “ today because it’s Sunday”, but Ace interrupted him.

“- how long have I been sleeping?!  They finally got rid of paper mail?!?

Ace leaned back against the door, and slowly slid down it, horrified.

He pulled out his phone and checked the calendar date, which was in “mm/dd/yy” format.

“10/15/17 – good God, that’s longer than I thought!  I must have slept exactly 1000 years and 1 day.  Incredible…”  Ace was soon rushed to the hospital to treat his head injury, and he made a full recovery.

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