Trapped in Rhyme

I’m in a mood to rhyme.
Been doing it all the time.
I’ve tried to stop rhyming all day.
But I can’t stop, no way
I guess I’m a condemned man.
Forced to join a rhyming band.
Oh wait – I know how to stop!
I’ll just say a random word – like plop
Oh shoot – that didn’t work
I ended up rhyming, what a jerk..
I’ll close my eyes and type randomly… asdji983kmcex
Now I wonder what’s next.
Damn, I just rhymed with that made up word
I’m getting dizzy, vision blurred
This is hopeless, I quit!
I’ll just have to rhyme forever, that’s it!
I’ll only talk to other rhymers and become a rhymer dude
I’ll go on rhymer’s retreats and I’ll never be rude
This seems like a VERY specific mental illness
But wait – what if there was a stillness..
And the learning curve to learn how to stop rhyming weren’t so steep..
And I could learn how to stop rhyming in my sleep
That last line was a long way to go
To make the rhyme work. Is that a good sign? Yes? No?
My neighbor just knocked on the door and said “Enough.”
I said I can’t help it – this problem is real – not fluff!

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