Bill’s Wishes

Bill Roomley wasn’t a patient man.  In fact, some would actually call him a not-so-patient man.  Others would call him an un-patient man.  Others would call him, accurately, an impatient man.

Late one Saturday night, Bill encountered a genie on his walk home.  The genie had clearly been drinking, and he mistakenly gave Bill, not the standard 3 wishes, but instead 12 wishes.  Bill first wished.. for patience.  The genie looked stunned.

“What?  Why not ask for something material – like a luxury car or a jet ski?”, said the genie.

“Patience is more important.  I’ve always wished to have patience”, replied Bill.  The genie looked frustrated.

“This is such a dumb wish.  Fine.  You know what?  I’ll give you your ‘patience’.  But not for 80 years.  In 80 years, you’ll have a Buddhist monk’s level of patience.  But not until then.”  The genie laughed heartily.

“But I.. want patience.. now,” mumbled Bill.

“I guess you’ll just – “

A local parable writer interrupted Bill and the genie, and asked them what just happened.  Bill explained what just happened.

“Oh, that’s perfect,” said the parable writer.  He pulled out his notepad and began scribbling.

Bill knocked the parable writer’s pad down angrily.

“It’s not perfect!  And for wish 2, I wish for this parable writer to only write bad, rambling parables with no discernible message.”

I am that parable writer.

(Wishes 3 – 12 were all material stuff)

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