Shoe Theft

Rebecca Briggsbury owned 121 pairs of wooden shoes – the largest wooden shoe collection in Fairfield County.

One afternoon, she and her roommate, Piper, were eating lunch in the kitchen, when suddenly an alarm sounded.  Rebecca quickly stood up.

“Alexa, put the house on lockdown – code 9”, she commanded.  “There’s been a shoe breach.”

Rebecca and Piper ran to her room and saw that the shoe vault was half opened.  Piper looked nervous.

“Who would try to steal these shoes?” asked Piper.

“I already know it’s you, Piper.” Rebecca replied calmly.

“But I.. I was with you the whole time” stammered Piper.

Rebecca yanked Piper’s face off, revealing wires and circuits.

(Piper was an Artificial Intelligence scientist, who had recently made major breakthroughs in the field, and had created a replicate of herself that sometimes wandered around the house in her place.  Sorry,  I should have mentioned that earlier)

Rebecca opened the vault completely, revealing the REAL Piper trapped in a net hanging from the ceiling, a pair of of wooden shoes in hand.  Real Piper gave a slight wave.

Rebecca, Real Piper, and the face of Robot Piper (in Rebecca’s hand) all laughed heartily at the situation. Robot Piper’s body then collapsed because she was now missing the CPU that Rebecca had ripped off.

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