Good Meeting

A guy in his late 40s spoke at a podium in the back of a Church basement one Saturday morning.  A few of the attendees looked exhausted, a few looked angry, and a few looked encouraged.

“..Thomas, thank you for sharing today.  I know it’s really difficult after a few shots of tequila NOT to try to bench press a large amount of weight.  I hope you recover quickly, even though, as you said, you did tear most of your chest muscles.

Sandra, thank you for sharing today.  Just take it as a lesson moving forward – if you have a couple glasses of wine, don’t try to squat heavy.  300 lbs is too much for you – you know that when you’re sober, right?  Right.

Greg and Maria, congratulations to you both.  Greg for only drinking at your niece’s wedding, and then going immediately to sleep.  Maria for only working out, but not drinking first.  You’ve both come along way.  Be sure to pick up your chips in the back before you leave.  Alright, have a great week, everyone.  I’ll see you same time next week.”

Then, there was some light clapping as the group dispersed.  It was a good meeting for PWODSBTTTWORAA.

(People-who-only-drink-socially-but-they-try-to-work-out-right-after Anonymous)

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