Subway Conductor Training Academy

We see a large, open field (somewhere in northern Virginia) with thousands of subway cars in neat lines.  Millions of recruits, all dressed in subway conductor uniforms (a lighter blue since they are still in training) run drills within these train cars.  They alternate between the roles of conductor and  passenger-holding-the-door-open.  Similar scenes loop over and over again – it sounds like everyone in the field is performing the scene like they were singing around:

“Stand clear of the closing doors, please.  Let the door close – there’s a three train 4 minutes behind this one.  Do not delay the train.”

The passenger continues to hold the door open.

The conductor gets out of the car, gives a swift karate chop to the passenger holding the door open, and throws any bags they had out of the train, letting the door close.

Drill sergeants walk up and down these lines, surveying the scenes, and giving feedback.  At training car #435, the drill sergeant is screaming into the ear of one recruit.

“He’s holding MY doors open.  You’re gonna let him hold MY doors open?  CLOSE MY DOORS NOW!

The recruit scrambles out of the train car, newly motivated.

At training car #6613 and #6614, more advanced situations are being drilled.  At #6613, this passenger happens to know karate, so the conductor’s karate chop fails – and a matrix style fight ensues.

At training car #6614, the passenger knows karate and also happens to be a retired subway conductor (gone rogue).  In this case, an undercover subway conductor leaps in to help – and a matrix style fight ensues between the three.

Back in the classroom, recruits who have finished their field training are taking the written test.  The test is on the plots of all three Matrix movies.

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