Classic Ace

A man named Ace read the tale of Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand to his young son, Richard.  After Richard fell asleep, Ace tripped over Richard’s Dagny Taggart action figures and fell down a flight of stairs, sustaining a serious head injury.  When Ace awoke at the bottom of the stairs, he had a strange suspicion that the world’s best had gone on strike.

He stumbled to the the living room and collapsed on the couch.  Jeopardy was on TV.

“Who is John Galt?” asked a contestant.

Ace stared, mouth open, at the contestant.  The book has come to life, he thought.  Everyone’s asking that question..

The Jeopardy answer was “A character in the longest Ayn Rand novel, frequently asked about by other characters.”  Ace missed this part.

He scanned the news on his phone.  He read part of a headline: “All the best producers have disappeared..”  Good God! he thought.  The strike has begun.  The rest of the headline read: “… because they’ve been squeezed out by Amazon.”  It was an opinion piece.

Ace’s other son Thomas entered the room.

“Dad, are you okay?” he asked.

Ace’s eyes were half open and his speech was slurred.

“Yea, I’m good, buddy… ”  Ace let his face drop lower.

“By the way, who is John Gault?” asked Thomas.

At this, Ace passed out from shock.  Ace must not have realized that Thomas was mispronouncing the name of the bottle of cologne on the table, which was “Jean Paul Gaultier”.  Ace was soon rushed to the hospital to treat his head injury, and he made a full recovery.

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