Before the war

Mary had a little lamb, but that was years ago… before the 40 years war.  Now, she looked back on those days fondly.  She wondered futilely why her mother, the famed artificial intelligence scientist Dr. Piper Wareheim, had ever thought to train geese to steal.  (Once geese were trained to steal, mass chaos erupted, triggering the war.  That is, of course, a story for another day.)

Mary remembered how white the lamb’s fleece was.  Almost like snow.  In this post-apocalyptic world of theirs, it snowed constantly.  Although, what was this material falling from the sky?  No one knew for sure.  Mary remembered Piper injecting the lamb (Violet was her name) with genes designed for hypersensitive tracking.  Ever since that day, it seemed like everywhere that Mary went, the lamb was… I’m not sure how to put this.. sure to go?

In the year 3504, only short, dystopian fiction stories were legally allowed to be published.  All other literary genres, including nursery rhymes, were outlawed worldwide.  However, a small, dedicated community kept these nursery rhymes alive by covertly adding them into dystopian fiction stories.  The story you just heard was one such example.

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