State Finals

Announcer: Welcome back to the 4th quarter. We’ve got Lions 44, Cougars 46. Lions with the ball. McCabe dribbling, passes to Randal. Randal over to Leonard. Leonard back to McCabe. McCabe bounce pass to Randal. Randal fakes the shot and swings it out to Leonard. Leonard kicks it to McCabe. McCabe passes to Douglas, right … Continue reading State Finals

It’s A Pretty Great Blog

Serj Bailey sat down at his keyboard. He had grown tired of his blog. He opened He hovered his cursor over “Delete account.” Suddenly, an angel appeared next to him. The angel was about to do delete HIS OWN account. Serj dived across his office and knocked the laptop away from the angel. … Continue reading It’s A Pretty Great Blog

Confronting Arthur

Arthur (who we previously thought was Buck) sat on his raft and stared out at the open sea as Lola confronted him. “So you really think it’s possible to create a machine that converts salt water into pure energy drink?” “Yes.” “You don’t need a partner to help you?” “No” “I bet you do, but … Continue reading Confronting Arthur

Marcel’s night/ Narrator confusion

Marcel saw a great comedy show, and then walked back to his apartment. He made a quesadilla, took a shower, and watched Friends on Netflix. He started to write in his blog, but was having trouble thinking of a story. He started to transcribe what happened to him that day and then just changed the … Continue reading Marcel’s night/ Narrator confusion

Uhhh.. who is this guy?

What those criminals didn’t realize… was that Buck Chupson had no patience for energy drink thieves. Over time, he learned her name - Lola Gianettacciapuccio. Lola and Buck became friends. But Buck always seemed a bit distant. He woke up one night to the sound of motors. 10 masked pirates, sitting atop one person jet … Continue reading Uhhh.. who is this guy?