Rollins, you’ve gone too far

Detective Rollins put his feet up on his desk, and his hands behind his head.
Rollins: You claim you’re innocent, even though you were found at the scene of the crime with the stolen goods in hand..
Peters: That’s right – I was framed by the boss of the Montgomery Gang- Francis Porter. I’m just a journalist for God’s sake! He framed me becuase I started snooping around, asking too many questions.
Rollins: What kind of questions?
Peters: I don’t know.. Questions like – can I join your gang of thieves?
Rollins: That don’t sound like a question from a journalist.
Peters: Oh come on! It’s a hard hitting question.. I’m an award winning journalist.
Rollins: You’ve won an award?
Peters: I have – Best fish market thief.
Rollins: So you are a theif!
Peters: Not anymore, but I was in my wild youth. I gave up that life of crime to become a journalist.
Rollins: What else have you written?
Peters: It’s a book called “How To Steal Fish”
Rollins: I knew it! Guards, take him away!
Peters: Wait, wait – the book is about how people negotiate at markets! Haggling! I have a copy of the book with me to prove it.
Rollins flipped through it. It did seem to be that. Later that night, Rollins lay in bed, staring at the ceiling, smoking a cigarette. Something didn’t feel right about this case. He got dressed and drove back to the station. He passed through security into the evidence room. He pulled out the book and examined it, looking for patterns. He thought to himself,” Every third or fourth letter must spell something.. no, let’s turn it upside down… what if I replace ‘a’ with ‘b’, or ‘b’ with ‘c’..? What if I replace the word ‘the’ with ‘fish’…”

35 hours later, Rollins sent his notes to the analysts to review and his empty red bull cans to the garbage. Exhausted, he stumbled into the interrogation room where Peters waited.

Rollins: I’ve figured you out… I read your book VERY carefully… you, my friend… have been.. a fish.. this whole time.”
Rollins passed out on the desk. When he awoke, Peters was released and the real crook, Francis Porter, was caught and given 90 years probation.

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