Bill’s Laundry

Bill Roomley sat in a laundromat. Another man sat on the other side of the room, reading a newspaper. The man chuckled and turned the page. Bill Roomley approached the man and asked if he could read a section. The man handed him a section. He was reading The Parable Times.

Bill Roomley hated parables. He hated learning, awareness, and everything uncomfortable.

“What kind of meta – bullshit is this story?” asked Bill.

“The story in the paper or the story we’re in right now?” asked the man.

“Is this a parable? There doesn’t seem to be a moral yet.” Bill looked puzzled.

The man instantly fell asleep.

Bill opened the dryer but his clothes were gone. There was, however, a note left in the dryer. The note said “YOUR CLOTHES ARE A PARABLE.” He checked the other dryers, all the clothes were gone, and they all had this note.

The next day, Bill went to see a doctor and described what happened to him. The psychiatrist referred him to a mental hospital and he soon made a full recovery.
The moral of this parable is: never miss your yearly check up!

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