Coach B

Coach B entered the locker room, and looked around at the sunken, depressed faces.

“Alright, everyone take a knee. Yea, we’re down by 50 points at the half. Sure, our star player broke both his legs and is out for season. Sure, the other team somehow arranged for our team bus to be towed away as soon as we got here. Fine – we did just set a record for getting the most shots blocked ever in a half. Yea ok sure, one of the fans threw wet garbage on us and said that I’m a disgrace to both the sport AND the concept of leadership itself. Well, you know what? That doesn’t mean we’re just gonna give up and go home! No! And why is that?!”

“Because cadets never give up!” answered Tom.

“No.” replied Coach B. Tom looked puzzled.

“Because we’re playing for pride!” answered Ryan.

“No.” replied Coach B. Ryan looked puzzled.

“Because it’s not about beating the Cougars, it’s about being the best Cadets we can be.” answered Jack.

“Definitely not. I really wanted to beat those Cougars.” replied Coach B. The team looked at each other, now confused and a little angry. Coach B punched a locker.

“We can’t go home because they towed our team bus. Don’t you dummies listen? You’re so dumb, that’s why we’re losing by so much. You guys are terrible. Also, we smell like wet garbage – so an uber isn’t going to allow us in the car. We’ll probably end up losing this game and then sleeping here… that’s all I was saying. All right, let’s get back out there.”

The cadets won the game by 200 points. Coach B later admitted to arranging for the bus to be towed and for the wet garbage to be thrown, in order to motivate the team.

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