More energy drinks, more problems

Buck Chupson lounged on his 20 foot long raft. Today was the first day of being lost at sea. A seagull landed on the other side of the raft, on a box. Buck opened the box and found enough energy drinks and canned food to last for years.

He almost jumped for joy, but quickly remembered that he was on a shifty vessel. He quietly said “YESSSS” to himself and opened his first can. In that moment, he hoped no one ever found him.

He lived off of this box for months. One day, he woke up to another raft bumping into his raft. It was steered by a woman who looked vaguely familiar.

“I’m so sorry, I’m lost at sea, I’m not able to steer this raft.” she said, out of breath.

“It’s ok, I understand – I’m lost at sea, too.” replied Buck.

“Do you want to combine rafts?” she asked.

“I mean, we JUST met. That’s a pretty big step.” he looked concerned.

“I understand. It wouldn’t be appropriate. People might talk” she said.

There was an awkward silence.

“How did you get lost at sea?” she asked.

“I was on a cruise. I jumped in to save someone from drowning, then a squid trapped my ankle and the cruise left me for dead. Luckily I found this raft packed with supplies..”

She thought for a moment. The story sounded so made up.. it was almost if it was written by someone who only had a few minutes to get this story posted on his blog before leaving for the day. But she knew it was all true. Somehow. And she further knew that one day, she would take that cache of energy drinks off of his hands.

What Buck didn’t realize at the time was that there was currently a SEVERE WORLDWIDE energy drink shortage. In response, some energy drink fiends had created scanners to track the remaining energy drinks in the world. This woman had one such scanner, and had tracked and studied Buck for weeks.

What this woman didn’t realize at the time was that this treasure trove of energy drinks was attracting others. The world’s best criminals were on their way to seize it…

What those criminals didn’t realizeā€¦


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