Two choices

Eccentric thousandaire Brian Patacciamucci met the four lucky contestants in the lobby of his moderate size home.

“Jeffries, lock the doors..” Brian said calmly.

Brian moved around the room menacingly and began his speech:

“You all have two choices right now:

Choice 1:  Allow yourself to be blindfolded and sent you to a randomly selected location. Start a new life there – new job, new friends, new identity.  Live there for 3 years.  After that time, return home SWORN TO SECRECY about where you’ve been for the last 3 years.  If you complete this challenge, your reward will be… $5,000.

Choice 2:  Return home and resume your normal, average, boring life.

What will it be, folks?”

After about half a second, every contestant chose #2.  They all quickly filed out of the lobby.

“Damn – what was it, Jeffries?  Should I have made the reward higher?” asked Brian.

“Yes, definitely.  Plus you scared them by locking the doors” answered Jeffries.

“It’s late, I’m gonna head to bed.” Brian sighed and sulked upstairs in his PJs, then closed his door.

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