Feed the chickens

Robert woke before dawn. His brother James was already awake, sitting up in bed.

Robert: I had the dream again.

James: You shut up about your dreams. We’ve got work to do today.

Robert: I was standing on top of a mountain, and I just started flying, faster and faster.

James: You get dressed and head to the chicken coup.

Robert: .. and we were all on a giant craft, and it was cruising through the air. There were seats close to the window, and farther away, just rows and rows of seats.

James: Flying is impossible, don’t waste your time on foolishness.

Robert: And not only were there direct flights, there were connecting flights, sometimes with delays. It was a magical dream. The delays could be 10 minutes or 10 hours. The dream filled me with such possibility.

James smacked Robert on the back of the head.

James: Enough.. The chickens need feeding.

And so Robert fed the chickens – and because he DID feed the chickens on that day in 1720, Robert McTierbury stumbled across the idea for chicken feeding technology that we still use today. He did unfortunately have to postpone thinking about air travel, which delayed that for hundreds of years.

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