Uhhh.. who is this guy?

What those criminals didn’t realize… was that Buck Chupson had no patience for energy drink thieves.

Over time, he learned her name – Lola Gianettacciapuccio. Lola and Buck became friends. But Buck always seemed a bit distant.

He woke up one night to the sound of motors. 10 masked pirates, sitting atop one person jet skis, surrounded his and Lola’s rafts. A tiny drone lifted Buck’s box of energy drinks up into the air, and toward one of the jet skis.

Buck pulled out a small hand gun and shot the drone down. The box fell back onto Buck’s raft, not losing a can. Collectively, all the pirates freaked out and turned their jet skis around and took off. Lola, shocked and panting, just stared at Buck. She decided to share her suspicions..

“You didn’t just find this raft.” she said.

He looked away from her.

“No”, he said.

“There was no cruise liner.”


“You know what I’m after”


“You know everything about me, don’t you?”


“Your name isn’t Buck, is it?”


“It’s Arthur Maynard, isn’t it?”


“You invented the first ever energy drink, but you lost everything to a patent troll.”


“You never intend to return to land, do you?”


“You intend to live here and create a machine that converts salt water into pure energy drink.”

He paused a long time. Too long. He turned back toward her.



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