Brian’s party

Chet rings the bell. No answer. The door is unlocked. Chet tentatively opens the door, bag of chips in hand.

Chet: Heyyyyy.. Brian? Hello? Happy Birthday… Hellooooo!?

He takes out his phone to check the time and realizes he got the date (not the time, but the DATE) of the party wrong.

Chet: Oh no! What was I thinking?!

He hears footsteps coming down the stairs. He quickly sneaks out the front door and shuts it quietly. He scampers down the street, hoping upon hope not to be caught in this social embarrassment. He is not caught. He knows what he should do now. He should tell Brian that he needs to lock his front door, lest an actual crazy person burgle him. However, to do that, he would have to admit that he accidentally broke in to Brian’s apartment due to a calendar malfunction. He attends the party two weeks later AND NEVER SAYS A WORD ABOUT THE INCIDENT like a freaking sociopath.

This story was loosely based on true events. Some character names have been changed to protect their true identities. For example, Chris has been changed to Chet.

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