Diner debrief

Lucas sat in a diner with his friend Maria. He explained that he wanted to be a subway conductor. He explained that he told his father this, but his father didn’t understand it, and they had fought. Basically, he told her everything that was in “Lucas’s career” post.

Maria: Just give your father time to process the news..

Lucas: It just feels like.. The next stop is ‘a strained relationship’. Transfer available to ‘not talking’, ‘more fighting’, and ‘disappointment.’

Maria: You’ll have to talk to him again eventually.

Lucas: It’s almost like.. ‘Understanding’ is not running between ‘my father’ street and ‘me’ street. But there are no shuttle buses available between these stations.

Maria tried to flag down a busboy to get more water.

Lucas: Stop, let the bus boy go. There’s another bus boy approaching behind him, approximately… 5… minutes… away.

Maria: You’re acting suspicious today.

Lucas: Am I? I mean.. If you see a suspicious person or package, do not keep it to yourself. Tell a police officer or MTA employee.

Maria: Ugh, I’m gonna go. You need to talk to your father.

She walked out of the diner. Lucas took off his fake subway conductor hat and wept into it.

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