Marcel’s night/ Narrator confusion

Marcel saw a great comedy show, and then walked back to his apartment. He made a quesadilla, took a shower, and watched Friends on Netflix. He started to write in his blog, but was having trouble thinking of a story.

He started to transcribe what happened to him that day and then just changed the name of the protagonist to Marcel, so that it sounded like a TOTALLY fictional story. He rubbed his hands together maniacally. “No one will ever know that my real name is Chris, and not Marcel!” yelled Chris. I mean – Marcel… Marcel said that. I mean – no one said that. Marcel’s real name is Marcel.

Chris wondered why the narrator would say the wrong name. I mean. Damn. MARCEL wondered that. Who’s Chris? The narrator was getting confused with all the weird name stuff, as it was too late at night to really commit to this idea and execute it well.

He sighed and decided to just write the final sentence of the blog post and go to bed.

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