Cecilia and Kelly stand on opposite sides of the living room and paint each other’s portrait.

Cecilia: This is my first and greatest achievement.

She turns her canvass around and reveals a perfectly lifelike portrait of Kelly.

Kelly: It’s gorgeous! I’m so glad we’re retired and have time to try our hand at new hobbies!

Kelly turns her canvass around. It’s of identical quality. The two high five!

The next day…

Cecilia and Kelly play chess. Cecilia moves her knight to a corner of the board.

Cecilia: Another stalemate! That’s 4 today!

Kelly: What a perfect game perfectly played by both of us! It’s too bad the highest computer level is too easy for us. We’ll have to find another grand master tmo.

The next day…

Cecilia and Kelly each ghost write a Harry Potter fan fiction story, and then swap notepads to read the other’s work.

Cecilia: Just the right number of twists and turns!

Kelly: The character names are magical sounding, but still realistic!

Cecilia: Brilliant! What made you want to set your story after Book 5 and call it “Harry Potter and the Snape that kills Dumbledore?”

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