It’s A Pretty Great Blog

Serj Bailey sat down at his keyboard. He had grown tired of his blog. He opened He hovered his cursor over “Delete account.” Suddenly, an angel appeared next to him. The angel was about to do delete HIS OWN account. Serj dived across his office and knocked the laptop away from the angel.

Angel: You’re welcome, Serj.

Serg: I’m welcome?

Angel: I saved you from throwing away God’s greatest gift – your blog.

Serg: What? I stopped YOU from deleting YOUR blog!

Angel: And you didn’t go through with it either, did you? You still have your blog.

Serg: Yea, I suppose so. It’s not that I want to delete my blog, it’s that.. I wish I’d never started a blog at all.

Angel: Now, now – you must’ve say things like that… I’ve got it – I’ll make my point theatrically… Your wish is granted. You’ve never started a blog.

Serg tried to log into his account. It didn’t exist.

Angel: Check your pocket.

Serg: There are.. Why are there petals in my pocket?

Angel: You have lots of free time now. You went to the Botanical Garden today.

Serj: I need an energy drink. I’m going to the bodega across the street.

Angel: That bodega doesn’t exist. Without you supporting them by buying all those energy drinks (as part of your writing routine), they went out of business.

Serg: Ok, fine – I’ll go to the one down the street.

Angel: Ok, that one is still open.

The angel and Serg bought 2 energy drinks at the bodega and walked back up the street. Suddenly, Serj saw someone he thought he knew and extended his hand.

Serg: Hey Matt, how’s it going?

The man looked puzzled and scared.

Man: My name is Carlos. I don’t’ know you.

Serj looked at the angel in disbelief.

Serj: Why don’t I know Matt, just because I never started the blog?!

The angel looked at his feet awkwardly.

Angel: Uhhhhh, you never knew Matt, even when you had a blog. I’m not sure why you approached him just now. I guess I shouldn’t give this sci-fi experience to people with pre-existing mental… sensitivities. Listen, I’m gonna take off.

And he did.

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