State Finals


Welcome back to the 4th quarter. We’ve got Lions 44, Cougars 46.

Lions with the ball.

McCabe dribbling, passes to Randal.

Randal over to Leonard.

Leonard back to McCabe.

McCabe bounce pass to Randal.

Randal fakes the shot and swings it out to Leonard.

Leonard kicks it to McCabe.

McCabe passes to Douglas, right under the hoop!

Douglas dribbles off his foot out of bounds.

Cougars with the ball. Inbound pass Thompson to Clark.

Clark dribbles up the court, right into… the double team! Great defense by McCabe and Randall. And that’s a turnover.

McCabe moving downcourt!

McCabe finds Randall in the wing.

Randall behind the back pass to Douglas – who is wide open!

Douglas olly oop pass to… no one. That’s.. an airball. Out of bounds.

Cougars have the ball with 20 seconds left.

Inbound pass Clark to James.

What a look! James finding Orson down court.

15 seconds…

Randal blocking Orson’s layup! What a block out of nowhere from Randal.



Crisp pass from Randal to Leonard.

Leonard between the legs crossover. Passes to McCabe.



McCabe with the eagle eye – bullet pass over to Douglas, WHO IS ALL ALONE UNDER THE HOOP. DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES?!

Douglas.. What’s he doing.. He goes for the dunk, but doesn’t quite reach… so that will be.. a travelling violation.

And the clock expires. Cougars win!

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