The pizza parlor

Anthony tosses dough into the air, then he pours sauce on it, then.. Yea know what? I’ll just say “he’s making a pizza.” Use your imagination. A customer enters the pizza parlor.

Customer: Hey, I’ve never noticed this place before. How long have you been in business?

Anthony: 2 years. But we used to only be open for 1 hour a day. And it wasn’t a consistent hour every day.

Customer: What? There’s no way you’d be able to stay in business like that.

Anthony: Yea, I was dabbling in it. But lately, I’ve been on a huge pizza parlor kick, so decided to keep it open every day for the whole day. It’s been great for business.

Customer: What made you change your mind?

Anthony: I realized you can’t make real progress without commitment. You can’t just dabble.

A parable writer enters the pizza parlor.

Anthony leaps over the counter, grabs him by the shirt collar, and throws him out.

Anthony: I thought I said for you to stay out!

Parable writer: But there’s so much good parable material here!

Anthony: I don’t care! You’re creeping all the customers out! And you never buy anything!

What Anthony doesn’t realize is that I am also in the pizza parlor that day, and I am also a freelance parable writer. So I guess the moral of the story is, always buy something in the business establishment you’re in.

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