Jergen’s walk

Jergen walks out of his apartment and begins what will be a long walk through the city. He thinks of all the many reasons why he loves walking..

Because fuck the subway.

Because fuck cabs.

Because it’s the oldest human pastime.

Because it lets me think.

Because it chills me out.

Because it lets me blow off steam.

Because the best ideas come when walking.

Because it’s time to disconnect and unplug.

Because it’s an excuse to be outside.

Because it’s so nice out.

Because I am an explorer.

After an hour, he rolls his right ankle, gasps in pain, turns toward the subway to go home, and thinks of all the reasons he loves taking the subway…

Because it’s so close by and convenient.

Because it does all the moving. You don’t need to move your ankle at all.

Because it gives me time to sit.

Because ouch ouch ouch, I can’t walk anymore.

Because all I can think about is this ankle.

Because I’m not a goddamn explorer. I am a city person. An explorer would have stretched before a long walk!

Because I need to get home ASAP and ice this ankle.

Because oooooo it’ll be so nice to be inside and comfty ooooo.

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