Frank’s dishes

It’s midnight. Frank walks to the sink and turns on a podcast – Adventures in Finance. It’s an area he knows very little about but has come to find interesting. At least I’m using my dead ,would-be-wasted time doing dishes on self improvement, he thinks. At least I have that. And the more dishes I do, hey, the better I get at doing dishes.

He enjoys the podcast, but anxiety creeps in as he remembers things he has to do tomorrow. I should be using this time right now to think, he thinks. He briefly despairs that actually he’s second guessing how he should spend 20 minutes. What a waste of time THAT is. And the reflection on THAT is also a waste of time – etc..

He goes in order of smallest to largest. Silverware, cups, small plates/bowls, large plates/bowls, anything else. He lets the water run, and he couldn’t care less whether he’s wasting water. He hopes he is wasting water. He hopes some kind of vigilante water patrol barges into his kitchen and demands an explanation from him. He hopes he’s handed a “water cease and desist order” one day. He imagines running for public office, and then how the scandal would unfold once the press found that that he, Frank Morgan, wastes water while doing dishes. It would be his undoing. The story would break on the night of the election, he’s sure.

He finishes the dishes and goes to bed.

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