Sammy’s microwave

Cleaning the microwave turns out to be a lot harder than Sammy thought it’d be.

He tries using a sponge, then paper towels, then switches off between sponge and paper towels. He tries scrubbing fast, then slow. He puts a bowl of lemon juice inside and heats it for a couple minutes. He tries using a wet rag instead, then a Brillo pad. He tries reasoning with the microwave, then arguing, then threatening. Nothing works – the microwave just won’t get clean.

He tries bribing the microwave with food like pasta (he suspects the microwave enjoys microwaving pasta). He tries singing old timey love songs. He tries taking a break and then surprising the microwave, catching it off guard. He tries using reverse psychology on it and making it MORE dirty. He moves on to passive aggressive tactics. He uses the stove and oven exclusively. The microwave, stove, and oven are good friends, so this puts all of them in an awkward position. Finally, overcome with guilt, Sammy has a long talk with the microwave and apologizes for being a jerk and ignoring it. He vows to never try to clean it again. They make pasta and forget the whole thing.

The next day, Sammy’s roommate Carl realizes that you just need to scrub really hard and all the grit comes off. Carl cleans the microwave without issue.

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