Day one of the shortage

Sammy walks to the subway. He climbs the stairs two at a time. The subway is at the station… and he is ill prepared. His metrocard is not handy. He sifts through his wallet, searching for the card.

The subway leaves the station without Sammy. He takes out his phone and notices that it is dead. He’s not going to make his train home to Connecticut.

He starts walking uptown and notices several stoplights are out. He hears screams and shattering glass in the distance. He approaches a street vendor.

Sammy: I’ll just take 1 of these energy drinks.

Vendor: Haven’t you heard the news about the shortage?

The vendor unlocks a glass case in his stand and takes out 1 red bull.

Sammy: No..

Vendor: That’ll be $4,000.

Sammy continues walking. He sees a group of teens fist fighting and crazy people running in circles. A woman is standing on a bench giving a speech to a large group.

Woman: Yes, there’s an energy drink shortage, but we can’t let civilization unravel into chaos. We’ve got to stick together.

Man in the group: How could this happen?!

Woman: Who knows? What can I say? I mean, who is Arthur Maynard?

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