Big day for Tom

6 months later… in an alley… Daniel and Chet meet.

Daniel: Tom got caught.

Chet: What? When?

Daniel: Last night. He was caught tampering with the formula. He removed the taurine, and added cream and sugar, to..

Daniel and Chet: To make it taste more like coffee, of course..

Daniel: I told him not to go alone. I knew it was risky. But then, I guess he knew the risks.

Chet: Did they kill him?

Daniel: Kill him? Oh no – he just got fired. He works for a local coffee house now. Honestly, it’s a much better fit for him.

Meanwhile at the local coffee house…

Tom: Hey Maggie, doesn’t the coffee taste funny today?

Maggie: Nope, seems about the same.

Tom: Wait – I’ve tasted this before. All too often.

Maggie runs out of the coffee house. Tom chases after her.

Tom: You added taurine and niacin to the coffee! You’re an [ENERGY DRINK] agent!!

Maggie yells back at him in German – it roughly translates to “Yea, so what? Whatcha gonna do about it?!”

Maggie finds a bodega, and climbs inside the fridge containing both energy drinks and iced coffees. Both sides accept this as a valid sanctuary. Tom backs off.


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