Et tu, Daniel?

6 months later.. Chet approaches Daniel and Leslie in the back of Muldoon’s Bar.

Daniel: So, how is your mission coming? Did you disseminate the pro coffee propaganda as we discussed?

Chet: Today’s Tuesday, right?

Leslie: Yea..

Chet: Right. Yea, I’m just here for the fight club tonight. I don’t want to talk about our coffee secret society business.

Daniel: Oh, of course! Sorry, I forgot that was tonight. Come on downstairs. The guys are just warming up. We’re waiting on a few more.

Chet: Fight club and coffee secret society ARE totally separate, right?

Daniel: Yes, 100%. I just do fight club to stay in shape really. It’s apolitical.

Chet: Good. Yea, I feel like I’m spending all my waking hours on pro coffee, anti energy drink propaganda, I need to let off some steam.

Leslie: Daniel, I left my book in your backpack. Can I grab it?

Daniel: Sure.

Leslie opens Daniel’s backpack – 3 energy drink cans fall out and onto the floor. One splatters everywhere. Leslie and Chet stare at Daniel in disbelief. Daniel backs away toward the bar exit slowly.

Daniel: Now, look – there’s a really good reason why I have 3 energy drinks in my bag, when I’m the leader of a pro coffee anti energy drinks secret society. You just need to give me a…

Daniel turns and sprints out the door. Leslie and Chet chase after him. They all do parkour and matrix fighting. It’s awesome.


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