Chet’s next challenge

Chet sat down at the keyboard to finish his 30-day-blog-everyday-challenge. He had done a great job consistently writing until the last week, when he kind of threw up his hands and said fuck it, I’ve got a lot going on and I don’t have time to write dumb stories.

He stopped and reflected on just HOW GREAT all the stories had been. He had accidentally written a small soap opera based around his true passion – energy drinks, he had written a series of stories about people cleaning, and he had written a truly gripping emotional journey of a subway conductor throughout time. He had also written other things..

Writing these stories had usually been the last thing he did before going to sleep. He vowed one day to edit all the stories so that they made sense/ were good. He also vowed one day to pick a consistent tense to write in – he thought future readers might appreciate that.

Chet closed the laptop and said goodbye to this 30 day challenge. It had taught him so little, and in many ways been a staggering waste of time. However, Chet had needed something to do, and he considered this a self-improvement challenge, and he liked doing those.

Chet’s next challenge will be 30 days on the paleo diet. Wish him luck!

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