Passive Income How-to Videos: my advice to video creators

As someone who just spent several hours down a Youtube rabbit hole searching for “passive income”, I feel qualified to make the following suggestions to potential future creators of “passive income” how-to videos:

  1. We all know what passive income means. No need to spend the first 3 minutes of your video explaining the very subtle distinction between active income and passive income.
  2. If you mention affiliate marketing, do know that your credibility drops immediately. It’s nothing personal (I’m as much of a capitalist as they get.)
  3. Don’t show me the “proof”, or screenshots of your thousands of dollars. I am from the age of the internet, where screenshots can be, and often are, edited. It’s especially suspect with click-bait-y videos like this. I’m more interested in your ideas than the iron clad proof of your numbers. Most people watch videos like this, not to see what will “work” objectively, but to get new ideas and decide whether they will “work” for them as individuals.
  4. Stop reminding me to Like and Subscribe. I know both are options. This is a general grievance with Youtube videos, but it really started to get to me during this particular Youtube bender.
  5. Your passive income idea can’t require SO much work, that it makes your viewer’s active income seem easy by comparison. (This was how I felt watching videos on peer to peer lending.) Unless that was your intention in making the video the whole time – in case case, well done, and sneaky!
  6. Don’t morph the video into a rant like “If you do what you love, you’re never really working.” Yea, that’s true – but that’s not what we as viewers are here for.

Best of luck, future “passive income” video creators!

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