Doing Nothing

There is a skill that I have perfected, and that is… doing nothing for 20 – 40 minutes before bed.

The “doing nothing” experience is hard to describe. It’s not meditating per se. It’s not focussing on one point, or focussing on the breath, or counting breathes or anything. It’s not sleeping. It’s not writing exactly, though I keep a notebook next to me to record anything I want during this time. It’s not brainstorming, though my mind does wander in many different directions.

The process is – I just give myself 20 – 40 minutes to do nothing. This is time to think, plan, make to-do lists, journal, draft texts or emails (only on paper though!), worry if I want to worry, putter and waste time, digest and analyze the day that just happened, prep for the day ahead, entertain wild thought experiments, or any combination of the above.

Why do I do this, you ask? Well, I think for a few reasons. 1.) It is a small rebellion against being busy. 2.) It is my temporary oasis away from screen-time. 3.) I feel like I’m pushing myself to the edge of boredom to see what kind of ideas I can come up with. 4.) Knowing I have this time scheduled when I am completely shut off from everything forces me to be more productive before and after this time.

I recommend it.

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