Motivational Quotes

Manager:  Most of you know we had to lay off our content supervisor, Anthony, last week.  Unfortunately, before he left, he changed some of the motivational quotes on our site.  We need the following quotes removed from the site and revised back to their current form by end of day, please.

“The only difference between success and failure is whether you’re reached your goal or not.  If you have, then it’s success. If you haven’t, then it’s failure.” –Abraham Lincoln

“Success is a complicated thing.  I was successful in one field particularly, physics.  Why ask me to draw general principles about success from my success in this one narrow domain? ” – Albert Einstein

“Imagination is a different mental action than knowledge – but to be clear, not more or less important.” – Aristotle

“The only place ‘work’ comes after ‘success’ is in the dictionary.  But laziness comes BEFORE success and work and, so what does that mean? Charlamagne

“There are at least 5 kinds of people in this life.  Those who persevere, those who quit, those who persevere FOR A TIME and then quit, those who quit FOR A TIME and then persevere.  Also, those who persevere FOR A TIME then quit FOR A TIME then finally persevere FOR A TIME.” – Winston Churchill

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