Character and Narrator

The character waited patiently in the chair.

The narrator sighed and checked his watch.

Character:  Well, what am I going to do?

Narrator:  I don’t know – what ARE you going to do?

Character:  If I had some NARRATION, I would do it.

Narrator:  Uhhh if YOU started doing stuff, I’d have something to narrate.

The character got up and started doing jumping jacks.

Character:  Thank you, finally.

Narrator:  What do you mean?  I didn’t do that – you did.  I just narrated it.

A philosopher sat quietly in the “in between” space between character and narrator.  He chuckled heartily.

The character punched a hole in the dimension and summoned the philosopher.

The philosopher strolled to the character lazily.

Character: Oh, philosopher – tell me.  Who is the causal agent of my actions?  The narrator or me?

Philosopher:  Who summoned me?

Character: I think he did.

Philosopher:  Can I blow your mind, brother?  You’re the same person, man.  Working towards this narrative goal together.

Character: Dumb hippie.

Narrator: Dumb hippie.